our roots

Moore sailboats has been in business for over 40 years. The company began in 1967 first specializing in the construction of lightweight composite sailboats which later became known as Ultra Light Displacement Boats (ULDB). From 1974 to 1982 Moore Sailboats designed and manufactured 156 Moore 24's. This pioneering design has numerous line honors only one of which is the Single Handed Transpac, This first production ULDB was chosen by the University of California for their fleet to teach advanced sailing. In 1985 we conceived and built 5 Moore 30's, a controversial design that was adopted by the much publicized "Ultimate Yacht Race".


By the mid 80's Moore Sailboats had established a fine reputation for the manufacturing of quality sailboats. It was this commitment to excellence in fiberglass work that allowed the expansion into other areas of high quality, high tech composite construction. Today we are involved in many different and challenging applications in the plastics industry.

In the past ten years Moore Sailboat has completed a diverse spectrum of projects. We have tooled and built: scientific observatories now on station in Antarctica, submarine missile covers to meet government specs, a water fountain for the largest mall in the United States, and kevlar/carbon bodies for many exotic race cars completely rebuilt to concourse winning finish. One of our largest design successes is the work we have done on truck modifications to reduce drag and increase fuel economy. We are progressive in the field of contemporary processes used in all aspects of the composites industry.


One of our previous jobs was fabricating a complete set of tooling plus a prototype yacht of complex design and construction, the Antrim 30 + Trimaran. We tooled and manufactured 45 Ultimate 20 sailboats. This boat being judged "Boat of the Year" in 1994 by Sailing World Magazine. In 1996 we were commissioned to build tooling and four prototypes for the WylieCat 17 sailboat that also gained recognition as "Boat of the Year". During this same year we completed a 36' custom power boat of owner design. A most interesting project focused on R&D for Lockheed missiles and Space Co. in the field of composite bridge fabrication and satellite mock-ups. Recently we have focused on the following efforts: the  construction of a complete deck and interior for aJarvis Newman 50 power yacht and the tooling, numerous prototypes and the limited production of a stealth power boat for the US Navy. Moore Sailboats has developed a close working relationship with several Naval Architects and Structural/Composite Engineers.