Moore Sailboats provides complete service in all aspects of fiberglass and composite repair.  Repair requires time, patience, dedication and experience.  Our consistent high quality work is apparent in our repair processes that span over 40 years.

Specializing in:

  • Fiberglass/composite structural damage, impact fractures, delamination, and dry rot.
  • Gel coating and color matching
  • Bottom painting and anti-fowling
  • Complete restorations of auto bodies, marine hulls and components
  • Minor cosmetic cracks, scrapes, spidering, and general ‘wear & tear’
  • Gel coat rejuvenation (color sanding & buffing)
  • Manufacturer warranty repairs
  • Educated evaluations on potential purchases and needed repairs
  • Mobile/ Off-Site Services

Moore Sailboats has an honest working relationship with engineers, architects, marine surveyors, and insurance adjusters.  Expert information is provided from years of respect in the fiberglass industry.

However the damage occurred we can repair it and improve it!